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This is the Cat's Meow. If you thought all we did was sleep all day, you're only half right. Here you will find the other half.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Technical Difficulty

I must apologize for the stale blogging. I attempted to update the blog on October 17th, but ran into some technical difficulty. Blogger ran into some errors when trying to upload photos. I started two separate blogs but was unable to post either of them with photos inserted. And since you are really only interested in photos, I didn't think it was worth publishing.

It has been a busy few weeks since then, and I haven't been online to blog. I had a similar problem this morning with photos, so still no real update, but just below, there are photos of kite flying, manure composting, apple picking, and corn mazes.

Stay tuned for lawn mowing, Halloween, and Sophia's baptism.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Balloons, Kites, Manure and Apples

It has been a busy month between September and October. the family enjoyed an evening spent at the Adirondack Hot Air balloon Festival. Unfortunately, it was too stormy for any balloons to take off, but Jim, Kaela, Victoria and Lauren enjoyed flying Victoria's Pocket kite.

Kaela enjoyed cuddling with baby Sophia...

They did provide a demonstration of how they inflate and launch the balloons, nut this is as close as we came to seeing one. Better luck next year! On Victoria's first school field trip, they visited a farm. There were cows, cats, and a donkey. Look how pretty Victoria is in pink. She liked learning about the animals and how they are cared for.

This farm doesn't deal too much with animals any more, their focus now is compost and soil. The favorite adventure for the kids was climbing the compost pile (now actually top soil, so not really manure, but we all know where it came from!).
Actually, they liked sliding down. So much for Pretty in Pink!

This made for an interesting Apple Picking adventure to follow. But a few wet wipes, and dirty car seats, and the kids had a blast picking, and eating apples, and tasting hot cider and cider doughnuts.

Mom and Dad had a good time too.

Is it good Mom?

The Corn Maze

Big News...Victoria slept all night three times last week.[now it's been almost three weeks ago] It was amazing - like a Vacation without going away for Mom and Dad. As a reward, They took Victoria, and her friends Alivia and Aleia to the Liberty Farms Corn Maze in Schaghticoke. What an amazing time they all had.

The girls were in Rare form, posing for the camera at every turn. As you can tell, they all had a great time.

Sophia had fun too...

Link to Dad's Bettime Song

As requested, Here is the link to Dad's Bedtime Song U-Tube post. I am too unfamiliar with these processes, and wasn't able to embed the video for you (so low tech in our house).

Please enjoy the link.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Do you Blog?

As you can see, I am a guest blogger. Willow has taught me how this 'puter thingy works. Mom taught me perfect form, and Dad let me use his 'puter.

I like to e-mail too, but Mom and Dad don't let me get on-line too often. They said something about it being for my own good. I think that's another way to say we don't want you screwing up our computers. So Mom took me to Geoffrey's store (Toys R Us) and using my birthday Geoffrey dollars (with a little help from Mom) I got my own 'puter. A laptop just like Dad's. It has 40 different activities to do with letters, numbers, shapes, and matching. I love it. But most of all I just like writing letters.

I'll show you a picture as soon as I get one.

Thanks for letting me say hello.

OK - So it's been a while

As usual, I can't be trusted to post photos regularly. I'm a cat - what did you expect. I eat, I sleep, I dart randomly from room to room, until I tire myself out. When do I have time to blog?
But here I am - and here are new(er) photos of the family... in no particular order.

Whew - That was exhausting. I think it's time for a nap.