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This is the Cat's Meow. If you thought all we did was sleep all day, you're only half right. Here you will find the other half.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pre and Post Memorial Day

It has been a very busy few weeks both before and after Memorial Day in the Welch house. There were parades to watch, friends to have visit, and Concerts to attend. Of course, I was only invited to the ones at our house, but from these pictures, it looks like Victoria and Company had a good time.

Friday night (May 25th), Diane and Jim took Vicotria to the Memorial Day Parade in Stillwater. From what Grandma says, Victoria felt like the whole parade was there for her. She sat in her new Booster seat (thanks to Grannie Annie Myott) at the curb and waved like a princess the whole time. She especially liked the bagpipes - like her dad, and got to shake Uncle Sam's Hand when the barber shoppers went by. Grandpa especially liked this part too. Here are some pics of the princess at the parade.

Once Victoria learned how to blow her horn, she fit right in with the band. It was great to visit with Annie and Fred, and to have Nonni and Uma there too.
Next there was a flurry of gardening. I guess with the nice weather and all these people visiting, the weeds had to go. I enjoyed watching from the comfort of my windowsill. Nice shady area, cool breeze, no weeds to touch my paws. It sure looked like a lot of work! So glad I'm a cat. I do wish I could go outside more often though. For some reason, I get shooed back inside every time they leave a door open. One of these days, I'll get out!
Margie, Dan, Dylan and Brianne came to visit for Memorial Day. I haven't seen them for a really long time. Even before Jim wend away last year. You can see how nice the yard turned out in this next picture. Victoria is perched on "the rock" for Margie to get a picture on her cell phone. What a star.
After Lunch, everyone went to the Canal Park to watch the boats go through the locks. Too bad, there were no boats going through on Monday!! Ha Ha Ha. What a trip. They did get to watch some stellar rock skipping, sit by the water, and enjoy watching a family of ground hogs scurry in and out of the rocks near their hole. Maybe they will take me next time so I can chase ... I mean see the ground hogs.
Then on Tuesday Morning, Jim left for another Military deployment. This time only for a week. I hope he has fun. We're saving all of his chores for him when he returns. you should see my litter box. That will make him really happy! Unfortunately, he had to miss Kaela's Spring Band Concert. Diane Says it was really great. I got this great photo just before they left for the school.
Don't they look like mirror images?
Hopefully, I will have more to post when Jim returns. He might bring some great photos from Germany.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ellie may have bunnies, but we have Frogs...and Fairies

Monday, May 07, 2007

And still more

Riding her bike at Nonni's house
The hat trick

Dad, It's time to go now
Beach blanket baby

Melon head

The Ballerina

I have finally run out of new photos. If only Diane would upload the pictures from her camera.

Hope you have enjoyed the update.


Finally, I'm back

Well it has been a while. Would you believe I have spent the last month and a half trying to get out of the closet. I mean I yoweled and meowed, but for some reason, they couldn't hear me. I finally scratched at the carpet enough to dig a hole. It was no small feat considering that I have been declawed for years!

Anyway, enough talk. I know you are all sick of seeing Bertha's battle wounds - she is healing quite well by the way. So I'll just put up some new photos that Jim downloaded from his Camera. It's amazing how much can a cat can miss when they're stuck in a closet.

So here goes...

Sledding in March

Victoria Sleeping in her recliner

and not sleeping...
Sugar high version 1
Tookie the clown

being silly...
Victoria's impression of the Easter Bunny

The easter egg hunt at the fire house
Easter Morning - check out the hair!

Now this is more like it